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Thank you for visiting this website. This website is owned by T. Stotts for the purpose of historical self-hosted personal email. Previously as a student, and now as a working professional, I had invested in having my own Internet domain for the purpose of having a simplified email address and avoiding Internet marketing. I’ve recently felt an impression that I should move on to using a simple GMail address. This site will continue until that transition is complete.


welcome post

This web site is owned by T. Stotts. As the owner, I have this Internet domain for the purpose of self-hosted email. It is my professional opinion that free email services are potentially invasive into the lives of the subscribers due to modern marketing and data-mining technologies.

Church, family, friends, community, and employment are a big part of my life, as I feel they should be for any Christian and working professional. For the same reasons mentioned above, and also because I value more old fashion forms of time with friends and family, you won’t find an active account for me on Facebook. The same is true for some of my friends and family. If you need to contact me, you can find my resume on LinkedIn and send me a message through that service.